At Mark Media we combine culture and technology to create unique interactive experiences on digital platforms. Our digital projects emphasize fun in learning and engage a diverse audience.

  • A new world adventure in ancient cuisine

    Confucius was a Foodie takes viewers on a voyage of delicious discovery as Chef Christine Cushing not only seeks out the best Chinese food imaginable, but also delves into the philosophy of Chinese cuisine.

  • Master the art of ancient kung fu

    Embark on an action-packed journey to discover the true meaning of kung fu in this episodic narrative adventure game.

  • Preschool adventures and imagination

    Join Miaomiao and her friends on exciting preschool adventures full of fun, friendship and early Mandarin Chinese language learning.

Culture, storytelling, innovation, education.

We work hard on film, TV and digital media projects that we hope will make a difference, and seek talented team members and partners that will help us achieve that vision.